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"Roars like a bengal tiger, and thrills like a lark from the rooftops in  Harlem."

"Maria Schilling is many shining qualities merged into one artist. She is raw untamed blues, and warm seductive romance. She is high energy, sassy up- tempo ecstasy and heartfelt elegance. Her voice gives the swing jazz of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s a new renaissance, with a tasteful dose of cockiness."


A trio with the unique format of vocals, piano and drums. Pianist Sven Erik Lundeqvist is an established expert on the so-called stride technique. This is something of a lost art that involves the pianist playing bass, accompaniment and solo at the same time. Drummer David Forss Norberg has long studied the old masters, making him an exceptionally dynamic and compliant drummer with his heart in the deep swing. Singer Maria Schilling has a captivating expression and strong stage presence. With original tunes composed by Sven Erik Lundeqvist and lyrics by Maria Schilling, this trio presents an experience out of the ordinary. The goal is to invite the audience on a thrilling journey to the golden era of swing.

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